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Search Engine Submission

Search engines are websites that search all the web sites in their directory for the keywords that the Internet user typed. If someone types the word "plumber", any website that includes the word plumber in its contents or programming code will be listed in the search engine results. The user can click on each domain name listed. We will include a list of appropriate keywords in your programming code on each of your web pages to help your site get found by your target audience.

To appear in a search engine's results, your website url (web address) should be submitted to each search engine. You can submit the information yourself, use software that will submit to the search engines that software includes, or pay someone else to submit to as many search sites and directories as you want. You get better results by manually submitting your URL to each site, because you can select the right categories and enter the appropriate descriptions. We discourage the use of automated submission software that is sometimes inaccurate, may list you on useless sites, or is unable to list you on some sites.

Do not submit your URL to search engines until your site is completed, contains the appropriate title and meta tags, and meets the other criteria that search engines need to determine your relevancy to the search. We can provide these services for you or you can choose from some of the sites listed. Beware, some services are not recommended. Please ask us before doing anything. You wouldn't want to get banned from search engine results, because your website was improperly designed or submitted.

We can help you improve your search engine results. The inclusion of META tags, carefully chosen titles, descriptions and keywords, proper coding and other factors must be considered. Making sure your website is mobile friendly, search engine friendly and loads quickly is important. Learn more about search engine optimization services.

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