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Graphics Design

Power Pages Web Design uses many graphics programs to create or edit images. Among them are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Paint Shop Pro. Most of our photos are edited with Adobe Photoshop. Corel Draw may be used for images used in print such as logos or business cards.

If you plan to use an image for other uses, please notify us of the required formats in which the image must be saved. Adobe Photoshop does allow for images to be converted to CMYK mode for printing, however printers will request an image to be compatible with the software they use. Most images will be in GIF or JPG format saved for Web to optimize the image for quicker loading time. Because we primary create Web sites, we create images for Web quality.

If we design an image in Adobe Photoshop, we will keep the original file in PSD format in case the image must be edited. Editing optimized files and resaving them degrades the quality of the images. We can also change font style, size and color, image size, and other details of the image.

We do recommend that you request in advance the items you predict you may use in print. Thank you.

Please contact us with any questions. Examples of our graphics work can be seen in our portfolio.

Recommended graphics software sites:
Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Illustrator and others for graphics editing
Corel Draw and Bryce (3d) for graphics design for Windows and Mac for print or web
Paint Shop Pro, Web Draw and Virtual Painter for graphics design.
Ulead Gif Animator, Cool 3D and more image software
Colorize Your Black and White Images and Photographs. Easily add color to black and white photographs and images with this powerful yet simple to use software.
ITCfonts.com - Download over 1,000 PostScript and TrueType Fonts!

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