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Ecommerce Web Sites (Shopping Cart Web Sites)

Ecommerce is business activities conducted using electronic data transmission via the Internet and the World Wide Web. They are business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). Most people think of online catalogs where they can purchase items in real time by adding items to a shopping cart. The online shopping cart is like the cart you use in your local supermarket. You place the items you want to buy in your cart and you may change your mind and put them back. When you are ready to make your purchase, you go to Checkout.

Many people are afraid to make purchases online, because they don't want to share personal information with Internet hackers that may use the information. Online shopping is much safer than shopping by mail, telephone or in person. SSL encryption will encrypt the data sent. The receiver must decrypt the data in order to understand it. The computer will handle secure transactions without any human ever seeing this information. Think of typing your password in order to check your email. No one can read that word, including you!

To know that you are on a secure server, see the HTTPS in the web address, where the S is for secure. You will also see the lock image at the bottom of the browser. For more security, never save passwords or use software that fills in form information for you, remember to remove any files containing sensitive information, save personal data on disks instead of your hard drive, do not engage in file sharing activities, and use firewalls and antivirus software. Remember to remove Internet files, clear your history and remove traces of sites you visit where you may have filled out forms. Someone could hit the Back button in your browser and find the sites with the information you typed! These are a few things to do to be careful.

Ecommerce sites often use Javascript, Active Server Pages (ASP),PHP or other interactive web programming. Knowing what web hosting and database you need will determine which programming is needed. Your site should contain images and descriptions of the products you sell, prices, payment information, privacy statement, and information about your business. Testimonials help build trust. Promotions excite consumers. Product categorizing and proper site navigation is the key to helping your consumers find the products they want quickly and easily.

We can create various ecommerce sites that use shopping cart technology to keep track of customer orders while they are visiting your site. We revised a shopping cart that sends the total cost with tax and shipping included to VeriSign where the customer can submit payment information to complete the transaction. The customer gets an order confirmation from the client website and a payment confirmation from VeriSign if the payment is accepted. The client receives an order from the website and a payment confirmation from VeriSign. The site can also accept PayPal, or other third party payment processing.

We create ecommerce sites that use php programming and MySQL database to use the payment method of your choice. This site calculates discounts and can be modified to display sale prices. Other shopping carts include Zen Cart, OScommerce, Magento and Cube Cart. Sometimes you don't need a shopping cart but you want to accept payments online. We can create secure online forms that can store data in a database on your web server if desired. Ask us for more info.

Please read the article Processing Payments on the Internet to learn about third party processors. We can customize carts to work for your web host and payment options. Contact us for more information.

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