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The majority of coding on the Internet is HTML. Simple coding loads faster and easier and is easier to edit. We do not use frames in our code for several reasons. Search engines don't like them, some browsers do not support them, they put ugly scrollbars all over the site and there are better ways of coding. We want you to like the way your site looks, works and ranks. Of course, search engine ranking is an ongoing chore as the search engines change their qualifications and such. We will optimize your site as much as possible through proper web site planning, meta tags, text coding, text links and whatever is appropriate.

Cascading style sheets may be used to specify attributes to contents in your website. As new HTML standards no longer support certain tags, these attributes must be specified in a supported manner. Using style sheets allows for easy editing and redesign of your website, especially when using an external file using CSS extension.

Dynamic contents for your website require other programming languages. Search engines easily index static pages (regular HTML pages) but usually cannot index dynamically created webpages. If your website has web pages that are created with ASP, PHP or CGI scripts, these pages will probably not get listed in search engine results. Dynamic contents within an HTML page is okay, but only regular contents are read by the search engine robots.

JavaScript is commonly used to do things like MouseOvers where the visitor points the mouse at something and something else happens as a result. For example, when you point at a button, the button changes color. Not really, it actually swaps the original button image with a second image. Other JavaScript uses include the current date display and the bookmark script. JavaScript is often used to display the pop-up boxes with prompts for user interaction. We try to avoid pop-up windows, because they are annoying and many people run programs to stop them from opening. Some users disable JavaScript and some browsers do not fully support it, so we do not rely on it, but use it when it is the best option. We will not create forms or shopping carts with JavaScript unless you request it.

Visual Basic code is commonly used for Windows based servers to collect information from a visitor for display or for you to use. It is usually used to obtain information for databases. It has many uses like JavaScript. Visual Basic, used in Active Server Pages, will not work on Unix servers.

PHP programming is used for dynamic contents and database applications on a Unix, Linux or Windows server. If you don't know if your web host server is Windows, Unix, Linux or another, check the web host company's website. It should also tell which programming languages or scripts are supported. PHP is a server-side programming language that requires CGI to be enabled on the web host.

XML is a formatting language that is unique. It can be used on any platform and communicate with any programming language. It can be written and understood in any speaking language! It is a great language to use for global sites or sites that involve databases and/or catalogs. XML is now commonly used for site maps, music catalogs for music players and more.

Perl programming is used for web applications such as FormMail, E-commerce, online polls, and other things that require the web site visitor to do something in which a result is expected. Perl programs are stored in the CGI bin or folder on the web host server. Most files are sent in ASCII mode, excluding images, which are sent in binary mode. Permissions must be set properly and the referrer must refer to the correct address for the program to function without errors. Perl is a server-side programming language that requires CGI to be enabled on the web host.

Java is specially designed to be a secure and full-featured language for creating special programs called applets that can be passed freely from one computer to another as part of an HTML document. Sun Microsystems created an HTML tag that can be used in HTML documents not only to load and view applets, but also to pass parameters to applets. The applet tag was depreciated and now the object tag is used for applets. In order to run Java client-side applications, you must have the Java plug-in available from Sun's website. Java may also be used as Java server pages (jsp extension) on servers that support Java.

Many other languages can be used such as C++. We will discuss what is best for you. If you see something you like on another site, let us know. We may be able to include something similar in your site.

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