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Include Audio and Video in Web Site

Power Pages Web Design will provide audio and video services. We can add audio or video to your web site that you provide or create something for you. If we can't do it, we will help you select someone who can. We have various video cameras if you want to create a commercial or something if it is appropriate. Businesses that rely on movement or sound would benefit by including this kind of contents. Dancing, sports, musicians, performances and other sounds or actions would be appropriate. The inclusion of audio and/or video would include the options of restarting or stopping for the sanity of the visitor. Endless looping is annoying and is not recommended. Contact us with any questions.

We can include royalty-free music or creative commons music or you can supply your own as long as you follow copyright laws. If you have a jingle to which you own the copyright, we can include it. If you are interested in a jingle to include in your advertising, we can help you select someone to provide that service.

If you have a video that you want to include, we can review it and determine what portion, if any, is appropriate and where in the web site we would like to include it. Most times, we would not recommend the introduction page, because video takes awhile to download and the visitor may not have a video player until they directed to download one to view your video. Then it better be worth the trouble to the visitor. The introduction page should download very quickly so the visitor can decide if he/she wants to stay on the site or go elsewhere.

Any work not done by Power Pages Web Design, where the copyright belongs to another, must have the copyright noted on the page where the work resides and must have a license or letter of permission to use the work from the owner of the copyright.

We will not include audio or video in our portfolio that would offend our target audience. Unacceptable photos include nudity (except art), violence, hatred, sex, and other items not appropriate for the general audience. We reserve the right to refuse any work that does not comply with our standards of service.

To download audio or video players, select from this list or go to Download.com or other free sites.

Windows Media Player for videos
Apple Quick Time for videos
Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF format files

Whisper Audio for voice, music or sound in your website.

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