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About Power Pages Web Design

Power Pages Web Design is located near Allentown, PA in the Lehigh Valley. Owner and web designer Yvette Kuhns started this company in 2000 to provide a customized web site for each client that best represents its company image. Over time, so many websites have appeared on the Internet that we began to specialize in web sites that are functional, easy to read and navigate and search engine friendly to help search engines and visitors find and use the web sites.

Our philosophy of web design involve the four R's: reach, read, revisit and recommend.
First, you must reach your target audience through various forms of advertising or word of mouth. Search engine marketing is considered BEFORE creating a website for best results. You should know the keyword phrases your target audience will type to find you in search engine results. We submit websites manually to search engines, directories, forums, blogs, press release articles or whatever is appropriate. Incoming links from related websites are also helpful. Posting on popular social networking sites has become more important. Search engine optimization is an ongoing project so plan to dedicate time to it daily or at least weekly.

Second, you want your visitors to read your web pages. The first page is most important, so it should define your target audience. What products or services are you advertising? To whom do you offer your products or services? What forms of payment do you accept? Visitors should easily find this information. There is nothing worse than a visitor shopping for items only to discover that the product cannot be shipped to the address or the preferred method of payment is not accepted. Many people think more visits are better, but in reality, you want visits that result in sales. A website with a thousand visits a day but a handful of sales is not as good as a website with a hundred visits a day with dozens of sales. Be sure to have a third party payment processor for online shopping sites and a secure URL.

Third, you want your visitors to revisit your website. If your visitor finds what he/she wants, he/she will revisit the website after comparing with other websites. If your visitor cannot find what he/she wants or doesn't fit your target audience, he/she will leave. If your website is not accessible or functional, your visitor will leave. If your website is unprofessional, unattractive or untrustworthy your visitor probably won't do business with you. Making your website accessible, attractive, functional and informative is very important.

Fourth, you want your visitors to recommend your website. In order to achieve this, your website needs the first three elements and a little more. You must offer your product or service and provide customer service and satisfaction. You can include testimonials on your website, a feedback form, a refer to a friend link and more. Your website and business must satisfy your customers in order for them to recommend you to others. These recommendations are hot leads and very valuable to your business.

Your final R's are results and return on investment. A client mentioned to me how other people simply do a job, but I am results-oriented. I want your website to do better. Remember the slogan, "If you don't look good, we don't look good."? Your site is a reflection of you and me. Most of my clients were referrals from satisfied clients, people I helped on a forum or people who found one of my clients' websites. So it benefits everyone for me to do my best.

Now that you understand my formula for success, we can work together as a team to achieve your goals. Contact Power Pages Web Design for your web design services. We offer customized web design, graphics design, interactive web programming and search engine promotion to increase your company's customers and sales.